August 3rd, 2017

New exhibition in the Penny Salon Gallery

The lastest exhibition at the Penny Salon “micro-gallery” at Ongar station opened it’s doors this week. “Bygone Essex – Reg Batten An Appreciation 1914 – 2014″ is a celebration of Reg’s classical style of photography by his son Malcolm Batten.  It features just a small collection of his father’s work over the decades, including several front pages and illustrated articles from contemporary magazines. Reg spent many Sundays in the 1930s and 40s on a quest to photograph the village’s of Essex. Initially he used his trusty racing tandem bicycle with his brother, and later on, public transport. Reg celebrated his 100th birthday in 2014, and he passed away soon afterwards.

Due to the interest already shown by visitors and people inside the Epping Ongar Railway itself, this presentation will now run through to the Sunday 17th September. The summer “Hot- spots” of Clacton and Southend On Sea weren’t neglected by Reg in his travels either.  His early 1950s picture of the main street in Colchester on a Sunday, which is completely devoid of traffic except for a motor-bus in the far distance, caused great interest on the opening day of viewing.

Fry’s Chocolate Cabinet

Frys Chocolate cabinetReg Battens “travelling kit” of camera, light meter and supporting items that he took with him on his journeys of discovery are now displayed in the exhibition’s c.1890s “Frys Chocolate” glass cabinet. This was gifted to the Epping Ongar Railway and, now refurbished by Malcolm, forms an important part of The Penny Salon’s presentation of artefacts allied to the main displays.